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Services Offered by FOPRAS

Language Translation Service

We provide professional language translation services* to the authors of non-English speaking countries so that their article becomes suitable for publication in peer-reviewed journals as most of the journals publish articles submitted only in English. For more information visit the Services section of the website.



Research Positions/Jobs

Research institutes/ recruiters are required to mail the details of research positions/ jobs along with the details so that the details can be posted on the website, for more information visit the Services section of the website.


Post Your seminar/conference details 

Seminar/Conference organizers can post the details of seminar/conference on this website so that they can reach the wider audience. For more information visit the Services section of the website.





Publication model and process

We follow Continuous Publication model of publication for publication of journal

What is Continuous Publication model ?

In Continuous Publication model, the articles accepted for publication are published in their final form as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for complete issues.

Why are we switching to Continuous Publication model ?

Asian Journal of Advances in Basic and Applied Science* is an online open access journal and hence the editorial team feels there is no need to wait for the issue building because unlike print, we don't need to gather articles together until a time when they can all be published at once.

What are the advantages of Continuous Publication model ?

We moved to Continuous Publication model to minimize the (often long) delay between First-on-Online  and issue publication. Continuous Publication model ensures faster publication of articles for authors, fast accessibility of accepted articles for readers, researchers will have full citation details available to them immediately as soon as their articles are accepted for publication and each day there is new content on journal website.

Our journal website will now be updated regularly with the latest articles and we will continue to collate published articles into archival "issues" (4 issues per year) regularly. 


Various steps involved in Peer review and Publication Process of articles in the journal are

Step-1:  Editors receive the manuscript

Step-2: Manuscripts will be assigned with Manuscript number and the same will be intimated to Corresponding authors by email and SMS *

Step-2: Journal Editors screen the manuscript

Step-3: Manuscripts will be sent to Reviewers for reviewing of article

Step-4: Reviewers will review the article and provide the comments (if any) to Editor

Step-5 : Reviewers comments will be communicated to Corresponding author by email and SMS will be sent to corresponding author intimating the dispatch of reviewers comments by email *

Step-6: Corresponding authors can make revisions (if required) according to the comments of reviewers

Step-7: Submission of Revised manuscript

Step-8: Final decision on acceptance of articles by Editor

Step-9: Publication proof stage and the corresponding author will receive galley proof of article

Step-10: Payment of Article Processing charges by corresponding author

Step-11: Publication of article and possible time of publication of articles will be intimated to corresponding author by SMS *

Possible Time frame # for peer review and publication process

Stage-1: Step-1 to Step-2: 1-2 days

Stage-2: Step-3 to Step-5: 5-8 days

Stage-3: Step-6 to Step-7: 3-5 days (depends on time taken by corresponding author for revision of manuscripts)

Stage-4: Step-8 to Step-9: 1-2 days

Stage-5: Step-10 to Step-11: 1-2 days

(#  Please note that the time frame mentioned is tentative and it may vary depending upon the response of reviewers and corresponding authors ).